Temptation is our middle name

New shipment from our supplier arrived and we want to tempt you with some quick pics. We will be listing these scrumptious beads over the weekend, so be sure to stop in our shop and check them out! Oh and if the pictures aren't temptuous enough, we have a sale going on~15% off  E V E R Y T H I N G ! And wait, there IS more...(How do you think we got the nickname "temptresses?!)...If you are a sneak peeker shipping is on us!!!
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OK now on with the lineup of delicious new gemmies:
Pink Chalcedony brios
Iolite brios
Garnet onions
Chalcedony ovals
Pyrite cubes
Spinel cubes
Apatite Quartz cubes
Kyanite ovals

Citrine brios
Smoky Quartz brios
Mystic pink Quartz
And a couple of pics:

WARNING-these pictures may cause d.o.t.j. syndrome and uncontrollable droolage (click here for more info on these serious conditions), so brace yourself....................

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  1. *ooohh...chomp chomp chomp*.. wha? oh, I'm not supposed to eat those? Oh..sorry. ;) off to check out the sale! darn you, temptress!

  2. :)~~~ I'm drooling all over!!!

  3. ...eyes rolling back in head with effort to control self...

  4. Oh man, my heart is pounding.. I think I'm gonna pass out!!!


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