We're baaaaaaaack.........from the Intergalactic Bead Show!

How appropriate to start our Gemalicious blog with a report on our recent trip to the Intergalactic Bead Show over the weekend in Cincy, OH???! Wanna know what goodies we picked up? Keep reading-but I must warn you.............the following pictures MAY cause uncontrollable droolage and dropping-of-the-jaws-syndrome, along with bling-blinding, so BEWARE! But no worries, if you MUST have them, stop on by Gemalicious to purchase them for yourself:)

The day began in a cool, calm, collective manner-you know, the 3-C's. We had a full-coarse plan of action to tackle the massive room full of sparkly goodness, so not to get overwhelmed and revert to the uncontrollable droolage and d.o.t.j. syndrome(see above). Well that all went to crap as soon as these babies caught my eye and almost caused the bling-blinding I mentioned in the previous paragraph:

~Yummy AAA Ametrine~

So, after almost suffering bling-blindness, we pulled it together and managed to meander through the rest of the show. Drooling may have occured at several booths, and dropping-of-the-jaws DEFINITELY took place throughout the entire show-they should just be lucky we could contain ourselves from licking the gorgeous beads like we really wanted too! It certainly is a hard thing to contain ones self at these shows-you just want it all, and it isn't fair that you have to choose what pretties to bring back! But of all the lovely beads, pearls, and awesome shiny silver, the uber-friendly vendors made the trip that much more enjoyable and successful-thank you all!

Hmmm, a taste of what we saw but didn't bring back with us? Let's see...........amazing Green Amethyst(Prasiolite) brio's, gynormous Keishi Pearls in the most amazing colors, the most beautiful Smoky Quartz EVER, yummy Champagne Citrines, and delectable Citrine & Lemon Quartz in my newest most favoritest shape, the Onion, or Candy Kiss shape. Yummy!!!!

Now for the rest of what we DID snatch up for you lovelies! Remember, these are currently listed, but we can't promise they will be there for long, so grab them up quick! The pictures are actually clickable links that will lead you right to each pictures listing in our Etsy shop....makes for easy~peasy shopping! I know, how clever, right?!

~Beautiful Sparklies~

~Amazing Smoky Quartz Drusy~

~Gorgeous Garnet Rondelles~

~Beautiful Black Spinel Rondelles~

~Bi-Colored Smoky & Lemon Quartz Cubes~

~MmMmMm Citrine Cubes~

~Bi-Colored Smoky & Lemon Quart Fancy Cut~

So there is a tastey-tease of the delectable yummies we picked up for your delicious jewelry designs, what do ya' think? Hopefully these babies will get your wheels a turnin' for some fresh designs, cause Spring is right around the corner!

Well thanks for looking, and hopefully you kept your tongue in your mouth and didn't suffer from any of the forementioned conditions. Oh, and please, DON'T eat our Gems-that would be a waste:)

XOXOXO Teri & Amber
~The Gemalicious Babes

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