Gearing up for another yummy giveaway of beads

We will be hosting another giveaway for all the delicious jewelry designers out there.
Giveaway will be posted by Sunday April 11th, so help us decide what to giveaway by leaving a comment.
Tell us exactly what you would like to win!
You can check out our previous giveaways to get some ideas:

"What giving away 500+ beads & many we lost count!!"

"'Tis the season for our ginormous giveaway of beads"

"Gemalicious Beads giveaway"

Click the comment link right down there ☟


  1. Call me Winnie-the-Pooh, but I'd like a little bit of everything!

    More the point, a prize consisting of samples from all your sections would be awesome!

    But, if I had to pick one thing in particular... well I still can't, but my top three favs are:
    Mozambique Garnet
    Black Rutilated Quartz
    Cornflower Blue Kyanite

  2. i'd like anything from the photos in the post before this one.

    seriously. anything. :D

  3. BIG & BLING-Y, pretty please! :D

  4. I like tourmaline, iolite, yellow jade...the list never ends! A sampling would be the best prize and make everyone happy! :-) Can't wait!

  5. Two of those links go to the same page - just thought I'd let you know incase you hadn't realised :)

    ANY gemstones!! Although I particularly love Moonstone, Green Onyx, Iolite, Amazonite and Chalcedony.

    Look forward to seeing what's on offer! :)

  6. Thanks for the input everyone!!
    Thank You Trinket for the heads up on the bad links.
    the Gemalicious Gals


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