Killer Schiller!!!!!

The Gemalicious Gals aka "Temptresses" just got in a droolicious shipment of Pendants!!!!


These babies have so much fiery flash, they will blind the eye.

Mind you these pictures were taken with a cell phone camera!!

Rutilated Quartz 

And these pendants will cause D.O.T.J.

and quite possibly, uncontrollable droolage...

You've been warned!

So there is a tasty-tease of delectable pendants for your delicious jewelry designs, what do ya' think? Hopefully these babies will get your wheels a turnin' for some fresh Fall designs!
We will be listing these pendants and many other yummies this week in our shop on Etsy. 
Pop in Gemalicious Beads and just try to keep your tongue in your mouth! 

Oh, and please, DON'T eat our Gems-that would be a waste:)
Amber & Teri
The Gemalicious Gals

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  1. They are wonderful,
    Labradorite is one of my Fav!!!!

  2. Great selection of shapes in the labradorite. It is such a cool stone!

  3. The labradorite are just gorgeous! Love them.


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