Yobo and The Jewelry :ninja!

A bit about Yobo:
the :ninja is an all self-taught jewelry designer, and has been making jewelry for more than 12 years. she does beadwork, wirework, and the occasional metalwork, though her favorite is the wire.


 Chalcedony Cluster

the :ninja is slightly obsessed with foreign countries. she especially likes Korea. she finds the language to be beautiful, and she really would love to learn to speak it. yoboseiyo is how one answers the telephone in Korean, and the nickname yobo is a term of endearment.


yobo herself is a strange little girl who likes to be silly and make people laugh. she got the nickname over on the forums on Etsy, where she has the reputation for being a complete and utter nutball.
*personal note here...although I haven't had the pleasure to run into yobo in the forums, on twitter this is true! follow yobo for giggles and sweet tweets!



The :ninja is a member of SRAJD (Self-Representing-Artist Jewelry Designer), # 0355.
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  1. Wow - this stuff is gorgeous - well sparkly! Only problem is I now can't get the childhood song out of my head based on the caption for the first pic... 'A tisket A tasket, my green and yellow basket...' - you have to be quite old to remember that! x

  2. Haha! I remember that. hmmm
    We love the jewelry :ninja's designs too!

  3. Very well done and even a design our style.
    Simple and elegant

  4. What lovely, interesting work! Thanks for the post - I might have missed her otherwise.


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