My first ever Etsy treasury! "Baroque Un Paon"

 I won't go into all my life altering details of the first ever Etsy treasury curated, but here is a tidbit how it went:
I watch the treasury list go down to 335. I am excitedly nervous and call my daughter Amber who has created treasuries. I tell her the main treasury is about to open and I want it! (Thanks Zion Shore for my new addiction) She explains "A box will pop up and you need to be ready to enter the title" WHA??? *Panic* I spent hours picking out the items I love, but had no title. Panic, oh my huge panic...lists is now at magic number 333...I spurt out meaningless words for a title. Amber, cool calm and brilliantly creative comes up with Baroque Un Paon. Without even seeing the treasury! Thank You my #1

Zion Shore added us to her lovely "Friends are sweeter than honey!" treasury ~
It was her first time creating and it was a first for us to be included in a treasury too!

 I am now obsessed with the treasuries on Etsy and will be watching the clock for the next one to open.


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  1. It is a gorgeous treasury, hard to believe it's your first! Thank you so much for including my humble ring set amongst such beautiful finds!


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