Gemalicious Beads~beautiful metamorphose

Gemalicious and Beadalicious metamorphose into~

YES we are merging Etsy shops!
Over the next week you will see our delicious stones filtering from Gemalicious and Beadalicious into Gemalicious Beads on Etsy.
If you are wondering why we came to the decision to merge, well that's easy! We decided
the benefit to our customers outweighed every reason we had for not combining shop
s. With Gemalicious Beads, we will have 1 shop to focus on, leaving us more time to find the unique quality stones you need and provide you with even better customer service (if that is possible:) You will be getting the undivided love and attention of Amber and Teri all wrapped up in a nice place!
Please visit us, heart us, and follow us on twitter to see what else is in the oven.
Love to all our superlicious customers, past, present and future
Teri & Amber

PS Stay tuned we will be having a huge 20% off sale to celebrate our grand opening.
"Sneak Peekers" ~ get a jump on the sale & an extra 5% ~
What is a "Sneak Peeker" ?? Send us an email or convo to get all the juicy details

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