Delicious Designer Sueanne Shirzay

We are extremely delighted to share
a scrumptious jewelry designer!
Thank You Sueanne for sharing
yourself & beautiful jewelry designs.

Love this quote from Sueanne's bio:
"I don't want people to see the jewelry wearing the woman, rather the woman wearing the jewelry."

About the Artist:

It is so much fun to make something with my own hands that goes on to become a part of someone else's life. At this very moment somebody somewhere out there might be feeding their kids, going to the gym, writing a novel, laughing with girlfriends over cosmos, or having a romantic dinner... all while wearing something I made. It's thrilling when something I make suits somebody so perfectly. Doing trunk shows is fun because it gives me a chance to see how things look on a variety of people.

I had an art gallery for while and learned to make jewelry rather unexpectedly while popping in on a class at my own gallery in 2008. I got hooked within minutes. The infatuation has continued and I now sell the jewelry at trunk shows, galleries and local shops, as well as my two online stores. My philosophy is to create beautiful pieces that can be worn everyday or for an occasion, alone or layered for a more stylized look. I like to think my jewelry enhances the beauty of the woman wearing it. I don't want people to see the jewelry wearing the woman, rather the woman wearing the jewelry. I love working with color, color and more color. Semi-precious stones such as chalcedony, amethysts and aquamarines are among my favorites. I am happy to do custom orders, and love working with other creative people to create the perfect piece. My studio workspace migrates between my loft overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Long Island NY and mountain house in the Catskills in a little place we have up there. You can't beat the silence and beauty of these kinds of landscapes. The pink sunsets on Long Island are really inspiring.
Sueanne Shirzay Jewelry is available for sale at: ---easy to do custom orders from here, they have a conversations (convo) feature --I use this one for items of which I have a nice quantity available

FROCK boutique in Long Beach, NY
LEALAND EVE in Sayville, NY
MONA LISA gallery and frame shop in Huntington Station, NY
FLAIR in Stonybrook Village NY
and at occasional craft fairs and trunk shows
in the Nassau County NY area.

My jewelry making exploits can also be followed on twitter @sueannesjewelry.

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