Blue Scarab Jewelry is going to the Golden Globes! OMG, help me!

So recently I snagged a spot in the GBK Golden Globes 2012 Celebrity Gift Lounge through
The Artisan Group. They are a juried bunch of artisans committed to helping each other grow, but the main focus is on gifting celebrities through these red carpet celebrity gift lounges prior to huge events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, and the Emmy's.

While this is fabulous news for me, and I am SO excited I could pass out, it is all beginning to hit me now. It's not the 100+ pieces of jewelry that I have to make for the swag bags. That I can do, I do it all day long seven days a week and twice on Sunday. Not really, but you get the point. I'm a jewelry artist. Tis what I do. Make jewelry for a living. What is getting me is EVERYTHING else. It's all suddenly creeping up on me, and quickly starting to suffocate me. Like......

Well, I'll need to order 100+ bubble mailers. OK. And jewelry boxes. Yep. And Ribbon to tie my boxes & thread through my bags. Uhuh. And material to MAKE my bags. And ink to stamp my logo onto my bags. And CRAP I need new cards, badly! And a mini flyer/ad to stick in my bags. Well, want that, maybe won't have time to do that. Sigh. Need earring cards because my wire wrapping & tiny stones snag on the nasty cotton that comes in the jewelry boxes, which grosses me out anyways, blech. Same for necklaces & bracelets. Ooh, I'd like to put little "about" product cards in there too. What if a man get's my jewelry? Hopefully he has an equally famous girlfriend or wife he will pass it onto. Am I waisting my time? And money? The supplies this is going to take, holy cow. Le sigh. And again.

That is just a very brief freak out I go through on a daily basis thinking about this Golden Globes thing. But then I start thinking about what celebs I would love to see pimping my jewelry. The top gals that come to mind are Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian (yes, I know), and Eva Mendes. I could go on & on forever, but these babes pop up high on my list. How insanely geeked would I be if I got a pic with Jennifer Aniston decked out in my jewelry?! Gah! Words couldn't explain I'm sure.

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  1. Congratulations! That's really an accomplishment! I hope you'll post photos if a star happens to sport one of your pieces!

  2. That really is very rad, and I can see how it would be overwhelming! you rock though chica, you will make it happen!

  3. Very cool! Inspiring to know that if we reach for the stars we can do whatever we set our minds to... pun totally intended!

  4. thanks so much! And ya know I'll post pics if I get any!!

  5. well that's pretty darn fantastic! you GO! and gogogogo ;)


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