Featured Artist: Dawanna Young of Peaces Of Indigo

Earthy, Organic, Meaningful, Soulful, Celebratory, Simplistic Femininity.  These are all words that come to mind when browsing Dawanna Youngs' shop of beautiful jewels, Peaces Of Indigo. Here you will find Eco Friendly Artisan Jewelry made with lot's of love from her Nashville studio. Dawanna loves to use PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and Reclaimed Fine Silver along with earthy Precious & Semi Precious Gemstones occasionally mixed in with some sweet leather. 

Pulling from her favorite quotes, poems, literary versus, and own words of happiness and encouragement, each hand formed & textured piece holds a rooted meaning for it's wearer with it's hand engraved sayings. Mix that with the organic hand picked Gemstones she chooses and you have a very special piece of jewelry you are sure to treasure forever.

I'm a lucky gal to own several of her pieces, and I cannot tell you how much they resonate with me. I wear my two necklaces almost daily and often find myself rubbing the medallions between my thumb & finger, like my own little wishing charms.

I could talk about her fab jewelry all day, so we'll just get to some pictures of her lovelies!

Wanderer Necklace
Not all who wander are lost~

These words are hand written on one side and the other side is textured with climbing vines. She used precious metal clay to create this beautifully rustic piece. It measures 1 inch in diameter and is an organic round shape.

Sticks and Stones Earrings 
Long and lovely sticks of golden recycled bronze, are adorned with inset white topaz czs, that sparkle like your own personal star~

*Bronze medallions, hand formed out of recycled bronze. She hand cut these stick shapes and textured the fronts. The backs have ~ illuminate ~ handwritten on each one. Fired to perfection in her kiln, these earrings take over 9 hours to fuse into solid, heirloom quality bronze.


Custom Engraved 
Birthstone Ring
Oh so pretty, made with the stone of your color and the engraved message of your choice. Eco friendly silver and beautiful gemstones combined with a little creativity equal an amazing ring that will be a forever reminder of someone or something special~

Inner Beauty 
Medallion Necklace
The necklace is composed of hand cut aquamarine gemstone beads, each wire wrapped by hand. The sterling wire is recycled. This took HOURS of work. The gemstones are luminous and pale blue. The look is breathtaking and lovely~

Wrapped Up Bracelet
She used one of her one of a kind silver medallions. It has woodgrain on one side and the word 'happy' and a heart on the other. Both sides were done by her hands, not stamps. She used precious metal clay, which is a recycled medium (that she says she is seriously addicted to!). The end result is solid fine silver.

Change The World Earrings 
The teardrop hoops were created using precious metal clay. Each was hand cut and is imperfectly perfect. She doesn't use molds, so each one is cut by hand. The Moorish texture adds an interesting and lovely touch. A small faceted blue sapphire is set in silver on each medallion. The backs are inscribed with 'Stay the course, light a star' 'change the world wherever you are.' and a star.

Recycled Bronze Guitar Pick
Made by hand, this bronze guitar pick is eco friendly and fabulous. Woodgrain texture covers one side and the other has "I'm the girl that loves you" handwritten on it.

And the best part of these? You can actually use them! How cool?!

So there you have it. Unique, beautiful artisan crafted jewelry from the lovely Dawanna Young. Now go visit her shop PeacesofIndigo and tell us what piece resonates with you!

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  1. Wonderful feature! Thanks so much for sharing this talented jewelry artist!

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    Wow! Love this jewelry, will definitely visit the shop.

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