Be Mine!

The Gem Gals are having a sale. 15% OFF every stone in our Etsy shop.
Of course our Sneak Peekers get an additional 5% OFF during the sale~'cause they're the Bees Knees!
Let us tempt you with some hammer faceted stones.
Click here to hop on over to our shop!

Theses are SO HOT right now, we can't keep them in stock.
You will love working with these! Such an organic look and feel, they will definitely feed the creativity monster stirring in you.
Now if those aren't enough to tempt you, well we have a shipment due any day of delicious Chalcedony, MMMMystics and lots of new rondelles (rutilated rondelles too!)
We'll be adding gemmies throughout the sale which runs until Cupids hits someone with his bow & arrow, so be sure to check the shop often.

Speaking of VD *wink* check out this post on Handmade business and Valentines.

The Gem Gals

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