Everyone twitters ~ right?

We are meeting so many wonderful super duper interesting people on twitter. We also have met some pretty fabulous artisans from Etsy, Artfire, 1000markets, Zibbet, and many, many other venues.
We invite you to check out one such artisan, Beryl and her awesome jewelry!
She loves to make things, especially jewelry. She is also a mom, nurse, wife and army brat.
Here are a few of our favorite things from Beryl Jewelry

Silver hoops with Aquamarine dangle

Fresh water Pearl earrings

Hop on over to Beryl Jewelry on Zibbet to see more lovelies
You can also find Beryl:
(clickable links;)



Beryl Street Crafts Blog

We love when customers share their delicious designs made with our scrumptious stones.
If you are a Gemalicious Beads customer and would like your designs posted on our blog, contact us. What...not a Gemalicious Beads customer? ~ What are you waiting for?! Visit us to find out how to receive 20% off your first purchase in our shop.
The Gemalicious Gals

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