Vacation~Letting the ghost crabs loose

In case you did not know...the Gemalicious Gals went on vacation to the beach! 16 family members in 1 house for 7 days. It was absolute insanity.
Too dark to get video, but this audio sums up the craziness pretty darn good.
If you've ever hunted ghost crabs on the beach at night, you'll die when you hear this!!!!
Some of the best screamers ever!

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  1. That's a riot! Wow. 16 family members in 1 house! There must have been a lot of laughs!

  2. i have vacationed like that with my family- not often, mind you ;P

    memories to cherish though.

    i just got back from 2 weeks on the beach and boy do i miss the sound of the waves.

  3. Thats funny! I've never hunted ghost crabs but can only imagine! sounds like you had alot of fun!


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