Welcome a special bundle of McLovin' ~ Isabella Rose

Shannon went into labor Friday was admitted to hospital for delivery on Saturday.
Finally on Sunday after all her efforts docs determined Shannon had to have a c section. 
Baby decided she liked the uterus, turned herself sideways and hanging on for dear life, refused to come down the birth canal.
Shannon and Chris during a very long labor☟

Shannon gave birth to an 8lb 6oz 21" beautiful bundle of McLovin' at 11:31pm April 25th

By Monday morning Mom and Dad found out that baby had serious complications.
There was a blockage in the bowels and baby was swept out of their arms before she was 24hrs old.

They took baby to Children's Hospital for testing.
Devastated mom and dad said goodbye to the baby they had just said hello to.
Shannon with major surgery performed hours earlier was not able to leave the hospital to be with her baby. She was distraught and totally heart broken. There is no soothing that ache in the heart. Dad was torn between taking care of his 2 girls and the weight was unbearable to say the least.

Doctors at Children's ran tests on Isabella and by Thursday they determined she had Hirschsprung's.
Surgery was scheduled for Friday.


Surgery was a success. Couldn't have asked for more, per docs: it was best scenario in a bad situation.
We were all relieved and elated to know our newest family member would life a long healthy life.
She needed to eat and have a bowel movement before Mom and Dad could take her home.
Eating was no problem for her. She had not been allowed a breast or bottle for 5 days! She inhaled Shannon's breast milk like there was no tomorrow.

Then came the wait for poo. Everyone was chattering about when poo was going to happen.
We called it the "Poo Movement" lol
And she did poo!!!!
We took a pic of the poopy diaper, we'll save you from that, but it was so exciting we sent the pic to everyone. The text replies were hilarious.
Finally thumbs up from docs to take out stomach tube.
Baby went straight for her hand. 


Baby girl dressed and ready to go home.

At home finally with mom and dad on her 1 week birthday. A lot has happened in this strong little girls life already. So the first bath was very exciting for us. Not her. She was not happy.

Chillaxin at home, bathed and smelling oh so delicious.

 Welcome to our hearts Isabella Rose, aka Izzybits, Izzybutt, Bella, Mamaw's sug sug sugar and many many more terms of endearment. 

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  1. Congratulations you all of you, and welcome to Isabella! I'm glad those horrible medical problems are in the past and may there never be any more! She is adorable!

  2. glitzypursegirlMay 03, 2010

    she is soooo cute! so sorry for the stress and complications, I had a csection and they moved my son to another hospital before I was released I totally know that insane fear and torment.....I can hope you have the luck we have had, once he came home we have been blessed with no return admittances!!! cuddles to the clean baby!

  3. Izzypoo is so precious! Givin' mom & dad a hard time already- watch out for Trouble!

    congrats to All :D

  4. Best wishes to the family and hugs all around!

  5. What a beautiful baby. And I don't say that often because most newborn babies all look the same to me lol. So happy that her surgery went well and she's doing fine. I had a great niece named Isabella so that name is very dear to my heart.

  6. She is absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations!! So glad she's doing fine!

  7. So good to read about Isabella and how she is doing so well, a beautiful story with a happy ending.. my fave!


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