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Desert Ironwood and Elk Antler Jewelry -- and More
A bit about Sheilah:
We love love making things, going places and eating great food. We're currently in Cheyenne, Wyoming - we love the Front Range and all it has to offer, everything from excellent coffee in downtown Denver to hiking in the Snowies to following dinosaur tracks in the Black Hills.
Much of our jewelry is made with nickel-silver, an alloy of nickel, zinc and copper that has a deep sheen and polishes to a high gleam. We also use several composite minerals, such as malachite, red jasper and onyx.
Sunset in Wyoming - Necklace

Spring Storm Necklace

We use ground-harvested western elk antler in some of our jewelry as well. Elk shed their antlers every year in the late fall as part of their natural mating cycle. People in Wyoming and other western states wander through the wilderness picking up the dropped antlers to be used for jewelry, furniture and decorations.

 Western Elk Antler Pendant Earrings

Men's Western Elk Antler Ear Stud

Desert Ironwood is one of the rarest and most beautiful hardwoods in North America. Desert ironwood is similar to cats-eye stone in its translucency and has a lovely, intricate grain. The nickel-silver pattern in the jewelry is hand-inlaid into the ironwood.

Ankle Bracelet Made of Desert Ironwood Inlaid with Nickel Silver

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  4. How wonderful! I'd love to walk through the woods like you described, looking for antlers and other materials for jewelry. Lovely work!

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