Spring 2010 finds

What a fabulous 1st spring weekend! 
Hope you all had some great adventures & delightful times.
Here the sun was shining for the first time in weeks and warmed up our little part of the world. 
Spring cleaning fever kicked in hard. 
Honestly, this is the only time I ever feel like cleaning & the feeling has a very short life span!
Knowing that the "cleaning spirit" would be exorcised from my body any moment, I grabbed garden tools, gloves and shovel, tossed them into the wheel barrel and headed into the back yard. 
The grasses around the pond needed to be cut down & separated. If you have the tall grasses you know they can double in size yearly & quickly overwhelm any area. You also know how dang hard the roots system is and therefore impossible to dig out with a spade!
Got a great tip from neighbor: use a reciprocating saw. No joke. Like slicing a piece of cake.

Found this little beauty hidden amongst the grasses
After the pond, grasses and deck were tackled I needed a break.
Tall glass of ice cold green tea and a sit a minute.

Surprise visit from a tit mouse (yes that is the name of this bird-dunno why) who I felt for sure would not be able to manage flight with the peanuts. ..Wrong!

and this squirrel who also could not resist the peanuts.
Looks like he is in springtime euphoria

Tea time over, out to the front yard for some sprucing of the yard.
Trim and tame prickly pear cactus~yikes love them but hate them!
Great tip here: use tongs ~ Saves a whole lotta "ouch son of a beeswax!"

found this shroom fungis thing. dunno what it is. But it was right in the middle of my cactus bed.

Found this too. I know what it is. Do you?
Take a shot-leave a comment on what you think it is.
If you've read this far, well you are in luck! First correct answer
left in comments gets a free strand of gemmies! Our choice.
No joke :)

There is a hilarious story with pics to back it up as to how I found out what these are. Saving that for another post! *giggles*

And this little lady bug was on a cat that scared the poop out of the
fed ex guy. Shook him so bad he lost footing on our front steps.
Saw it go down and just about peeped. Too bad I couldn't capture that moment. Would have gone viral! lol

The cat which no one seems to like but me has been banned to the
back yard since the "fed ex" incident.

At weekends end, spring cleaning fever totally expelled from my sore & tired body,
I headed to the back yard to put away the tools.

Thrilled to see the little bud I found had awoke with such beauty

Happy Spring!

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  1. It looks kind of like really old walnuts....like...really old...

  2. Jen
    Indeed it does!
    But that is not correct-take another stab if you'd like.
    Thanks for playing :)

  3. These are wonderful spring photos!!! I haven't a clue what that object is. LOL

  4. I looks kinda like a pupa shell that an insect comes out of. You know, like a moth or a butterfly.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Miss Val
    Thank you!

    Very good guess! Close but not the correct answer.
    Take another shot and thanks for playing!

  7. I'm going to say the mystery item is breakfast sausage.

  8. Moda
    You made me laugh!
    Nope not even close.
    You are welcome to leave another guess ;)
    Thanks for playing

  9. hmmm, it looks like a wasp's nest...or is it?

  10. A moth cocoon!!! Thank you Silence of the Lambs, I knew you were an educational movie *tongue firmly in cheek*!!!

  11. Theresa
    Not a wasp nest.
    ROFL ~ Silence of the lambs!!
    Thanks love!

  12. it looks a LOT like a spider's egg sac.
    do spiders lay on cactus? O.o

    or half a rotted walnut.

    i'm going with spider sac though, for now.

  13. yobokitty
    great guess, but that is not what it is.
    And I may have been misleading, not on purpose of course!
    This was found attached to the grasses in my front yard.
    Take another guess?
    Thanks for playing sweetie!

  14. though, it might be the husk from a cactus flower.

    or a lithop husk (ironically, lithop are called 'living gemstones').

  15. yobokitty
    I googled lithop and learned something new! Very cool~thanks
    However it is neither.
    Tomorrow I will tweet a "hint"

  16. THE ANSWER IS "ootheca" or a praying mantis egg!

    We have a winner!!
    helloheath you are correct!!!!!
    "It" is a praying mantis egg, and thanks for the correct terminology!

  18. My daffodils did the same thing yesterday. They were straining buds in the morning, and at about 2pm they had burst out and open. I have another clump that looks like it will be doing the same today.

  19. Iced
    I love this time of year! Amazing how the daffodils can awake so brilliant.
    And without coffee! lol


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