Special sale!

As new members of Team ESST we are very excited to be part of the Semi-Annual Promotion. Gemalicious Beads is offering free shipping on any purchase and a free strand of pearls for any purchase $50 or more!

Beginning on 12am EST February 26 and ending 12pm EST Sunday February 28, the Etsy Supply Street Team (ESST) will be holding its Semi-Annual Supply Street Team Promotion.
This sale exclusively features the members of the Etsy Supply Street Team! 

Crafting supplies for most any project you may have.
Team members will be offering specials like free shipping, discounts, extra goodies, and everyday fabulous prices.
For more information please check out our team blog
And for a look at the Team members promos checkout out Team ESST Promo blog
TEAM ESST for all your supply needs on Etsy!
Also, check out our Promo thread in the Etsy Forums
We will be featuring the latest:

*Great Every Day Prices
*Supplies for the Talented Artist in You!

We searched "Team ESST" on Etsy and found these great items! 

Hope you find lots of great supplies at fantastic prices and get busy creating!
The Gemalicious Gals


  1. Welcome to the team and thank you for promoting the Semi Annual Promotion!

  2. Michelle
    Thanks for stopping by!
    We are super excited to be part of Team ESST!


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