Delicious Jewelry Designer Marcie Jane

"I started my business in 2002 during a time of life rebirth and restructure.
Designing offered a release of creativity that nurtured my soul and heart in a very positive way.

Simple Treasures

Sara Jane
Art, design and creativity have always been a part of my life. I used to build mansions for my Troll family and deck them out in handmade outfits and jewelry.
My designs have matured since then and I am excited everyday to study and learn more about the Art of Jewelry Design.

I have a huge love for the outdoors and all its glorious beauty. Though my work is constantly evolving, as am I, my designs will always be nature inspired.
My love of the organic texture, color and elusiveness of natural gemstones inspire me to pair many elements to create a unique jewelry art. The technique of wire wrapping, chromatic selection, design and fine silver fusing/soldiering are incorporated.

Quality and satisfaction are extremely important to me; I go to great lengths to create my art jewelry pieces with quality products and supplies. I search for elements that are rare and unique to create a one of  a kind piece of art. Excellence in my technique is my constant goal."

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  1. Great feature on MarcieJane Designs!!! I love her work.

  2. What else can I say all the jewelry featured is so lovely, you could see alot of thought was put into the designs.

  3. Awesome Feature!
    Stunning Jewelry!

  4. Great feature on Marcie! Amazing jewellery created by a wonderful person - perfect!

  5. Such gorgeous jewelry! And aren't those bottle cap pendants adorable!

  6. Great feature - just love Marcies designs!

  7. Doesn't she have great jewelry!! Great feature!

  8. Beautiful designs by MarcieJane.

  9. love marcie jane's work. the pop bottle cap pendants are adorable!

  10. That was a super feature...I agree with Jean, am also a huge fan of MarcieJane's it...some earthy, some not, but all unique and lovable.

  11. i like the fern gully pendant, it's a gorgeous shade of green!

  12. Amber and Teri, thanks so much for this wonderful feature. You have such wonderful gemstones and I love drooling over your shop. I am so excited to be a part of your Blog.


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