On January 15th we will celebrate 1 yr in business!

Who "We" are:
Amber Bryce
The baby that was delivered on Halloween by Dr. Harley Grim. No joke. All hospital personnel attending the birth were dressed for the occasion!
The preschooler who called cemeteries god's garden, butterflies-flutterbys and steam from our local nuclear plant...cloud makers.
The grade school child who refused to "stay inside the lines & use the right colors!"
The teenager who's creative, unique and often rebellious ways had me at school more than once. Mostly to fight for her right not to fit into a mold.
Procurer, photographer and lister of all the delicious gems for our shop.
#1 daughter, sister, mother, wife, writer, artist, jewelry artisan and sole owner of Blue Scarab Jewelry.
Oh and a personal note: she has lots of tattoos. Some she did herself.
You can find here hanging around Facebook here and here

Teri Lindenschmidt
I know that is a mouth full. I get-so you are..."Linda Schmidt?" alot. It's hell-o trying to put that into forms online. It is often rejected. What can I say...Married into it.
Happy escapee of the corporate world. 2 yrs in June!
Cat lover & advocate for TNR (trap neuter return)
Bug fancier. Not all, just spiders and such.
Thrift shop lover times two.
Breast cancer survivor. (fingers still crossed)
Organizer of beads, shipper and book keeper for all the delicious gems in our shop.
#1 Mother, grandmother, stepmother, wife, backpacker, splunker sorta, kayaker, nature lover and all around outdoorsy kinda green person.
CTO(chief twitter offical) for Gemalicious Beads 
And on a personal note: I have 1 tattoo that I panic about from time to time. It's a commitment issue.

*Whew* now that you know us better...
And in sincere appreciation for all the support that kept us in business for the past year, we've decided to GIVE AWAY 365 BEADS & GEMS. Seriously.
On January 15th we will post here a fantastic giveaway!!!
Are you ready?

Much love,
The Gemalicious Gals


  1. Happy anniversary to your business. It's very exciting :D

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