Stop the world, I wanna ketchup...

Are there days when you just want to stop the world until you feel caught up? Well it's been that way for me and for business partner and #1 daughter Amber, too. So many things have been weighing on us that there are days it is just hard to breath, let alone get "caught up"
For Amber, mother of 3, caught up isn't in her vocabulary...little bodies screaming for attention 24/7. Busy with kids, house, husband (see bodies screaming for attention) she's gem procurer, photographer and lister for Gemalicious Beads. That's not all...Amber is owner and amazing jewelry artisan for Blue Scarab, is a JET member and member of a number of other Etsy groups. But wait,  there is more~she recently helped organize the Hoosier Artisan Boutique event and is the founder of PinkFest~Shopping for the Cure.

Sad, sad day for me when Amber's computer crashed. And all too apparent by the last few gem photos in our shop suffered at my hands.
With the crashing of computer, alas~so goes the lack of new listings in our shop :(
There is a happy ending to this tale~YAY!
I can guarantee that after PinkFest, there will be pages of new beads! How? Well Amber is up and running with a fabulous new drive on her computer and I am chaining her there until every last stone is photographed by her expert eye. No kidding!
Here is a small preview of yummies just to keep your whistle watered.
Disclaimer: photos were taken by Teri not Amber

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