Stay tuned for our 1st giveaway of beads!!

Gotta say my daughter is a bead lush!
Just look at the pile of destash beads she gave me to list in our artfire shop!!!
We have decided...that it would take years to add all these beads~so wouldn't it be nicer to  have bead giveaways?

Who would like to win a booty of destash beads???
Ah Yay! Exactly!

There are so many different types, qualities & colors we are having a hard time deciding how to pair them for our first giveaway.

 Tell us what you think: 

 Mix -n- match?

Color pair-up?

Similiar shapes together?

All focals giveaway?

Stone quality together?

Maybe themes-
like breast cancer beads, fall beads etc?

Several whole strands together?

Or the one we like most...WYSIWYG:
We pile a bunch of beads into a surprise bag and the winner of the giveaway gets to go through the beads like it's christmas time!

mmm we have lots to decide.

Help us along by leaving a comment on what you would like to see in first our giveaway of beads.
And stay tuned for our giveaway~next week!
Teri & Amber
PS~Thank goodness Amber takes all the pics for Gemalicious Beads
These pics were taken by me and yes I know they are lacking her touch ;)


  1. i really like buying mixes of similar shapes, so i can have a variety to get inspiration from!

    i had a huge long rambling comment, but then realized that it all came down to shape. :)

  2. That's a hard choice- I would say no to all focals only. And no to one color theme.
    A grab bag is great, with enough of a couple things to put together a complete piece.
    So many beautiful beads!!!

  3. I'd say either color pair up (I got ideas by looking at your first pic on top of the blog!) or themes (Same pic - love the breast cancer awareness theme you have going on). If I ran across that, I'd buy immediately, even if a different set of colors.

    I'm a *really* visual person. Maybe that's why pic #2 after the blog looked like a pile of junk. I'm know it's not - no offense there. When I enlarged the pic, I could see that there were some really beautiful beads in there. Hate to even say it, but for something like that mix, maybe do less beads and it might look lots better?

    No matter what you do, I can't wait until they're posted!


  4. In my opinion, it would be fun to be surprised by a mix of beautiful beads!

  5. i think a mix of beads with more than one of the same bead would be awesome.

  6. oh my gosh you have a really nice shop! I love it...really nice beads and so many different colors!
    Im having a giveaway at my blog if your interested in looking! Check it out at


  7. love me some pinks and purples of different shapes and sizes! BTW love my first purchase from beadalicious

  8. I'd prefer colour pair ups or themes, but as people have said, anything is great and even a total surprise can be very fun and challenging! :)

  9. I say either color pair ups or a theme....but I like all the beads from beadalicious. ;)


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