Moi, addicted?

Hi. My name is Amber. I'm a beadaholic. I have serious addiction issues.

African Amethyst ♦♦ ♦ AAA Kyanite ♦♦♦ AAA Multi-Sapphire

Yes, I do, and I've come to terms with that:) I am addicted to Gemstones. I just can't get enough. I could spend an ENTIRE day just browsing Gems on the web, and an entire WEEK fondling them at a Gem show! What is it about Gemstones that makes them so enticing and mesmerizing? Color, sparkle, shape, feel, imperfections, everything!

Mystic Blue Topaz ♦♦ ♦ AAA Lemon Quartz ♦♦♦ Sage Green Mystic Quartz

Being a jewelry designer AND gemstone seller is like a double edged sword for me. On one side, I am SO lucky, because with the gem selling business I get to purchase(and fondle) so many beautiful stones, and many times, ones that I may never be able to afford, or maybe just wouldn't purchase for myself. I love inspecting them, and taking note of each ones unique characteristics. However on the other side, I usually fall in love with them, and find it incredibly hard to let go of them! I want to take them all, run far away in the mountains, and just roll around in them forever lol!

Mystic Blue Quartz ♦♦♦ Smooth Kyanite ♦♦♦ Mystic Blue Quartz

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