PinkFest 2009-Shopping for the Cure

Picture PinkFest 2008-Shopping for the Cure
From left to right:
Emily, Erica, Teri, Amber, Jessica

My mind has been pretty drained as of late, and posting to our blog has been shoved to the back burner. Don't worry though-there is LOT'S of other things brewing back there, so it's not lonely by any means:) While my mother and I were planning for our 2nd annual event to support Breast Cancer, I thought what better topic to blog about! So, here's the background.....

My mother, Teri, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer two Novembers ago. As you can imagine, this really shook our lives. For the first time I can remember, I didn't see my mother as invincible(well, aren't all mothers Super Woman?). The fear of actually being able to loose her quickly sunk in, and I was just devastated. Our whole family was. But, we are a strong and bull-headed family of women who have an even stronger support system of good men behind us, and we were going to fight this. Our mom had to fight this. And with out getting into the yucky truth of what women like my mom went through to actually do the fighting(like chemo & surgeries, countless med's & sleepless nights, physical & mental pain), she did fight it.

And she won ♥

This is how PinkFest-Shopping for the Cure was born. We were(and still are) so proud of our mom for being so brave and strong through it all, and we wanted to honor her and all of the other women out there who have or are fighting Breast Cancer. To help support other families trying to deal with the pains, and ultimately to find the CURE for this nasty disease that affects so many healthy people. So what exactly is PinkFest?

Our 2nd annual PinkFest-Shopping for the Cure boasts nearly 100 Artists & Crafters and your favorite direct sales companies all under one roof for the same great cause. 2008 was a great success, raising money through our Raffles and awesome vendors to donate to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Each vendor was generous enough to donate a Raffle prize, and we received lot's of outside Raffle donations as well-lot's from wonderful Etsyians! Last year we had so many great vendors, along with great perks for everyone that stopped in. From balloon animals and face painting to food and massages, and Toyota even had a Scion there to win, it was a blast!

We have met so many kind and selfless people throughout this, made some wonderful friends, and have been touched by the people and thier families who've shared their experience with us. And we can't wait for this year's!
You can find more details on PinkFest-Shopping for the Cure
by clicking on the logo below-

And if you are in the tri-state area & interested in becoming a vendor,
or would like to donate an item for this years Raffles, you can email Amber at or Teri at

From left to right:
Amber(me), Teri(my mom), Jessica(my sister), and Solei(my oldest)

Mom and I are ROCKIN' the pink hair! Can't wait to dye it again this year!

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  1. Wonderful post. Hope this year is as successful as last year.


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