New lovelies just in! Gemstones are yummy.......

We just got a new shipment of Gemstones today-YAY! Our postal woman probably thinks I'm going to mob her because I get so excited when I see her pull up with packages! These lovelies will be listed in both Beadalicious Supplies & Gemalicious today and tomorrow, so be sure to keep dibs cause these beauties will go FAST!

HUGE Mystic Slate Blue Quartz Rondelles
These are just AMAZING, and the color
and sparkle is out of this world! We just
LOVE these!

STUNNING Pink Amethyst Briolettes!
These babies are graduated to a nice
large size, perfect for super big and
blingy earrings or a jaw dropping focal!

GYNORMOUS Green Amethyst faceted Rondelles
I mean these suckers are HUGE and GORGEOUS!
One strand is approx. 7mm, one is 9mm, and the other is a graduated strand that goes from 9mm all the way to 15mm!

Delectable Mystic Apricot Quartz Briolettes!
These are such a nice size range and have the
most amazing color to them-OUT OF THIS WORLD!

More amazing sparkly Minty Green Amethyst.
Good sized faceted ovals, these will be perfect in
MANY spring designs!

Hmmm, can you tell we LOVE Green Amethyst??!
Sparkly Green Amethyst Onion Briolettes-this shape
is so awesome! New favorite!

Whiskey Quartz Onion Briolettes
Theres that Onion/Candy Kiss shape again!
Just love it!

AMAZING Whiskey Quartz Briolettes
These are a nice and LARGE size, and
will be perfect for creating some seriously
sexy jewelry!(are we aloud to say that haha?!)

Mystic Pink Quartz Onion Briolettes
Once again, that Onion shape! Love it
love it love it! And these are nice sized,
great for earrings! Yummy!

Ok, so that is a sneak peek at what we will be listing tonight and tomorrow. Better get busy huh!

Teri & Amber
The Beadalicious Babes

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