Happy Happy Joy Joy!

That is what I SCREAMED today when we got our latest shipment of yummy sparkly Gems! These are just AMAZING and AWESOME and I AMOUR them haha! Ok, ok, I'll quit talking about them and post some quick pics up-enjoy!

As always, we must warn you-these pictures may cause d.o.t.j.syndrome and uncontrollable droolage(see previous posts for more info. on these serious conditions), so brace yourself....................

P.S.-we will be taking pictures and listing all of these scrumptious morsels the rest of the week, so be sure to check both Gemalicious AND Beadalicious Supplies

Yummy Chalcedony!

Mouth Watering Mystic Quartz and Prasiolite!!!

Can you say YUMMY??!!!

More beautiful smooth polished Chalcedony and Carnelian

I know, I know, that was a cheap tease:) BUT we just couldn't wait to share, and now we have to get busy getting these scrumptalicious gemmy-babes up and listed for your beautiful creations, right? Don't worry, we'll be back with more!

Meanwhile, visit Gemalicious AND Beadalicious Supplies to get a fix of lot's of other mouthwatering Gemmy Gems.

XOXOXO Teri & Amber

~The Gemalicious Babes

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